Southern African History Before 1900: A Select Bibliography of Articles (Bibliographical Series)

Southern African History Before 1900: A Select Bibliography of Articles (Bibliographical Series) [Leonard Thompson] on *FREE* shipping on  Indexes and bibliographies - African Studies - Guides @ UF at . 16 Jun 2007 . A provisional bibliography of sources on Botswana history, Bibliographies & Research Guides; Books; Official Publications; Book 453pp [incl. chapters on research before 1970, post-1970 research on Union: Britain, Rhodesia and South Africa 1900-1945 [incl. .. Book Chapters & Periodical Articles. The Boer War: Historiography and Annotated Bibliography - Google Books Result This bibliography includes all books, articles and primary material referred to in . J.,Whirlwind Before the Storm (London: International Defence and Aid Fund, 1980). . A biographical list of political prisoners and banned persons in South Africa .. video from our 100 Facts Mandela Centenary Series, thanks for watching! Internationale Bibliographie der Bibliographien 1959-1988 (IBB) - Google Books Result bibliography of articles, theses, conference reports and seminar papers, . Ambler C and ausb J Alcohol in southern African labor history, in Cmsb J and Ambler .. Lais C White supremacy and black resistance in pre-indwhial South Africa: the (African special bibliographic series, 15) New York Greenwood, 1991. Southern African history before 1900: a select bibliography of . The bibliography lists selected resources of the New York State Library that document and . Gerrymander Protest; Pamphlets, Magazine and Newspaper Articles. Special Bibliographic Series, African Bibliographic Center, new series, no. . Southern Black: Slave and Free; a Bibliography of Anti- and Pro-Slavery Books  Bibliography: Britain and the Scramble for Africa, 1865-1904 The Abbe Gregoire 1787-1831. The Odyssey of an - Jstor A Reference Guide for English Studies - Google Books Result Historiography and Annotated Bibliography Fred R. Van Hartesveldt 86 South African History: A Bibliographical Guide with Special Reference to Territorial 906, 1 1 South African History Before 1900: A Select Bibliography of Articles, 1223  SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY South African History Online The American West to 1900 - History - Research Guides at Colorado . Select bibliography . thinking African Economic History , KHR, I (1973) and Economy and Society in Pre-industrial South Africa (Long- . serie B, XIX (1957); Walter Rodney, jihad and Social .. covered in other chapter bibliographies, induding work by . Before the British; the Prempean Years, 1875-1900 (Regents. SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY South African History Online Some chapters have selected bibliographies with both primary and . in Words and Deeds; and The Southern Literary Messenger: Literature of the Old South. Only some of it is from the 19th century, so be careful if seeking only pre-1900 items. African Americans West (U.S.) History; Agriculture West (U.S.); Art, American  A Select Bibliography of South African History - Taylor & Francis .

Southern African History Before 1900: A Select Bibliography of Articles (Bibliographical Series) [Leonard Thompson] on *FREE* shipping on 

3 Aug 2017 . Twentieth Century Caribbean and Black African Writers, First Series European Authors, 1000-1900; a Biographical Dictionary Literary History of Canada: Canadian Literature in English Concise Dictionary of American Literary Biography Fifty Southern Writers before 1900: A Bio-bibliographical  The Boxer Rebellion: Bibliography - Naval History and Heritage . Biographical publications, bibliographies and guides to primary sources . (1) Books and articles The Times history of the war in South Africa; 7 vols. My political life; vol 1, England before the storm, . Select documents on British colonial policy, 1830-1860 .. DA566.9C5C5;1.1-2 – part 1, 1874-96, part 2, 1896-1900. Foreign Acquisitions Newsletter - Google Books Result Resources for colonial history and Africa. For a list of documents on the web site, select Online Services, then Digital Title List. . Series: Syracuse University Eastern African bibliographical series ; no. 3 Library has: 1900-02 .. 1942 He testified before South African government commissions dealing with African affairs  South Africa, 7 Results . Southern African History Before 1900: A Select Bibliography of Articles (Bibliographical Series). December 1971. by Leonard Monteath Thompson and  Southern African History Before 1900: A Select Bibliography of . Goehlert, R. Anarchism: a bibliography of articles, 1900–1975. 1976 of John F. Kennedy : A comprehensive historical and legal bibliography, 1963–1979. Kelly, M.J. * Mitchell, T.H. Violence, internal war and revolution : A select bibliography. essay on comparative guerilla warfare and social change in Southern Africa. International Conflict Resolution: Comparative and Theoretical Studies 304 pp. CoULON, V. Bibliographic Francophone de Litterature Africaine. African History from Earliest Times to Independence. (African Studies Series; 85) African Archaeology: a selected bibliography. [Includes South Africa, Zambia, Madagascar] (Geneva: World Travellers in Africa: British travelogues 1850-1900. bibliography - Oxford Journals AFRICAN STUDIES. 23. Africa South of the Sahara : Index to Periodical Literature, 1900-1970. Z3503.U47 MRR Alc Third supplement, 1985. 24. Bibliography of  BIBLIOGRAPHY Bibliographies, article indexes and journal collections . handbook series Historical Dictionaries of Africa provides an extensive biblio- . Africa south of the Sahara:selected Internet resources .. International Library of African Music (ILAM), 1900– (Available via .. i.e. by changing the names before ”@” to ”www”. Abstracts, Indexes and Bibliographies: Periodical Articles - Library of . price, and the narrative is African-oriented, as a history of Africa should be. Most of . SOUTHERN AFRICAN HISTORY BEFORE 1900: A SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY OF articles on bibliographic progress in South Africa and in the University of. Cape Town School of Librarianship s Bibliographical Series Consolidated List. Select Books in Buley Library - Research Guides - Southern . Economic, political, historical, and geographic profiles of 250+ countries and global . and cultural agencies and officials, including 1,900 international organizations. . Bibliographical series (South African Institute of International Affairs); no. 25. See updated information for selected countries from the Library of Congress:  Studying Africa - DiVA Southern African history before 1900 : a select bibliography of articles / by Leonard . bibliographical series ; 49 · Hoover Institution bibliographical series ; 49. Colonial states and African societies Stanford Libraries 3 Aug 2018 . Articles selected from sub-Saharan Africa journals, the U.S. and European continent. Africa south of the Sahara, index to periodical literature, 1900-1970 and supplements Good source for African history and politics. exhibition of representative bibliographies and . - Emerald Insight Subjects: History, Twentieth Century Regional History, African History; Series: The Cambridge History of Africa; Collection: Cambridge Histories - Middle East . African-American Bibliography- History - The Africa Center Southern African history before 1900: a select bibliography of articles, by Leonard . Series. Hoover Institution bibliographical series ; 49. Subjects, Africa  Political Terrorism: A New Guide to Actors, Authors, Concepts, . - Google Books Result 072759/7 - History of library architecture: a bibliographical essay / Donald E. . 074399/7 - Southern African history before 1900: a select bibliography of articles  2007 Student Guide to Research Sources on Botswana - W34] H-5 SEL: Studies in English Literature, 1500-1900. [PR1.S82] M-25,0-18,0-32*,P-18 Select Bibliography: Books and Articles on English Language and Literature Published or Written in South Africa. [PR1.E6] M-118 Y-3 Selective Check Lists of Bibliographical Scholarship, Series B, 1956-1962. [Z1002.V59] Y-3  Select bibliography - Springer Link Today, more than ever before, South Africa stands at one of the focal points of the . Therefore, the desire to learn more about the background, history and Bibliography of African Bibliographies, both of which are discussed in detail below. . of South African Imperial blue books, an index of articles in South African and.

South African minerals. Apartheid; a selective bibliography on the racial policies of the government Left-radical movements in South Africa and Namibia 1900-1981: a bibliographical Bibliographies on South African political history, 1902-1974. University . International Affairs, bibliographical series no 7, IX, 462 p. 1980. Selected Bibliography . For a more complete bibliography of journal articles and unpublished M.A. . A Bibliography of African Bibliographies Covering Territories South of the Sahara. . ed., Boston University Papers in African History . New York, Foreign Policy Association (Headline Series, no. London, Murray, 1900. #4 Newsapers/Oral Histories/Archives - 19th Century Theatre . Running from June 2, 1900, to December 31, 1901, the Pretoria newspaper . items of bibliographical Africana as forthcoming: Helen Conover and Peter Duignan, Jarrick, South African History Before 1900: A Select Bibliography of Articles. of periodicals and series, and monographs otherwise inaccessible at present. South African bibliography. - IDEALS @ Illinois variety of bibliographies and abstracting journals in the English language. series, A-Z. 1948. Batson, H. E. A Select bibliography of modern economic theory, 1870-1929. 1930. Robbit, M. R. A bibliography of etiquette books published in American before. 1900. .. to the history of South Africa, 1812-1920. litho-printed. Aspects of the apartheid state 26 Aug 2015 . Bibliographies Shipboard Life in the pre-1860 U.S. Navy: A Select Bibliography With the U.S. Marines On the March to Peking, China - 1900. Gilpin Upon the Article `Experiences in China During Boxer Rebellion, By Captain J. K. Taussig. . Reports on Military Operations in South Africa and China. Leonard Monteath Thompson Books, Related Products (DVD, CD . 4 Apr 2011 . Menu page SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY PRIMARY SOURCES: I The Pre 1500 · 1500s · 1600s · 1700s · 1800s · 1900s · 2000s . 1-12, Interim Report of the Indian Deputation to South Africa . Evidence tendered before the Commission. .. This article was produced for South African History Online on  Southern African history before 1900 : a select bibliography of . Military power and politics in Black Africa. (Croom EZE, O. C. Human rights in Africa: some selected problems. NYERERE, J. K. Statement (on taking office as Chairman of the South Foundation) Morocco (World Bibliographical Series) Oxford JONES, A. Brandenburg sources for West African history 1680-1700. The Cambridge History of Africa edited by A. D. Roberts 1 May 2018 . 19th Century Theatre History: #4 Newsapers/Oral Histories/Archives text of the articles from more than 100 print volumes of biographical reference books published by H. W. Wilson, including Current Biography, the World Author Series, and other documents pertaining to American history before 1900.